My Mini-Adventure To Newcastle

I recently went on a mini-adventure to Newcastle for my friend’s hen night. I’d never been before but my overall verdict is that it’s a lovely place full of really nice, friendly people!

We travelled far and wide from all four corners of the UK to get there and I was very happy to arrive at the meeting place after sitting on a train for hours, especially because it was O’Neills pub! Very handy as it’s right across from the station!

After a few refreshments we collectively trailed our trolley cases through the streets to the Travel Lodge Central where we were staying. It was nothing fancy and was full of other hen and stag nights, but it was all we needed!

We had a quick game of Mr & Mrs whilst we got ready, the groom had already been asked a series of questions and the bride had to answer the same questions correctly or take an alcohol based punishment! I can’t give away any secrets, but the results were shocking!

All dolled up we were ready for our semi-quiet Friday night out! We went to a really nice Italian called Primo, the food and atmosphere were really good and it was very busy.

Some of the party then went home but some of us went for a few drinks at Fever, which wasn’t very far away, and that’s when I first noticed how much work the locals put into their appearance!

We walked back along the quayside to get home and I took a few shots of the bridges:

On Saturday morning we headed to the Metro Centre which is massive! I’ve never been in a shopping centre that big, but managed to find my way around quite easily! 

A few of us had lunch at Frankie & Benny’s then, as some of the girls went go-karting, I had to go on a solo shopping mission as I’d forgotten by dress for the Saturday night! Amazingly, I found the perfect dress and shoes in one shop for less than £20!

When all the gang were back together and dressed to the nines we headed to El Coto for some tapas which, again, was really nice with lovely food. It’d be quite a nice romantic restaurant most of the time I’d imagine, but was probably a bit loud on a Saturday night with almost 30 hens there!

It was great to try lots of different dishes and, just like the meal the night before, it gave us all a chance to get to know each other a bit better.

After the meal we all braved the sleety, slushy weather and headed to The Gate, which is an indoor centre with lots of bars. We managed to find seats altogether at Bar Bannatyne, but it was almost as cold sitting outside the pub as it was outside the centre!

Some of the group headed home after that, but there was dancing to be done so we found ourselves at Tiger Tiger. We got a great spot on the ground floor in a big alcove at the back and took full advantage fo the section of dancefloor right beside it! It was like our own private mini-club!

Here’s a picture of the motley crew, with me modelling my £20 outfit on the far left (yes, I did make a microphone out of a straw!):

After such a great night, waking on the Sunday facing a day of travelling was not easy! Fuelled up on a fried breakfast we said our goodbyes and headed to the train station, and a full 8 hours later I got home!

Karen x

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