My Mini-Adventure To Belfast

It was only last weekend I was on my mini-adventure to Edinburgh, and now I’m just back from Belfast!

We got local flights and it’s only an hour to Belfast from here so it was easy to hop over the water for my friend Sarah’s wedding to her sweetheart John!

We were staying at the Stormont Hotel which was a really nice hotel, although our room wasn’t the greatest. It wasn’t bad, but I was surprised that it wasn’t more modern given the public areas of the hotel. I’m not a fan of wood-chipped wallpaper and crushed velvet pillows, but the bed was comfy and the TV worked so it was fine!

We’d planned to go to the Titanic Belfast exhibition, but it was totally sold out for the 10 days over Easter. I’ll go another time though, maybe when it’s not so busy and the staircase is open. Maybe I could ask Leo if he’ll come with me…!

After settling in we went to the hotel’s La Scala Bistro where the food was delicious! I had “Breaded Aubergine and Boilie Goats – Cheese Crispy breaded Aubergine layered with Spinach and Boilie Goats Cheese on a Creamy Risotto with a Tomato and Basil Sauce” and I was very impressed! I was equally impressed with them selling Blue WKD! Just wish I’d had space for pudding!

The big day soon arrived and after breakfast I had a lovely morning of getting ready at my leisure! Here is the finished article:

It was great to see Sarah walking down the aisle, her dress was so beautiful, and John surprised her by wearing a kilt after saying he wouldn’t (she’s Scottish and he’s from Northern Ireland)! He looked very smart though!

The whole day was held in the Stormont Hotel, which was brilliant!  The ballroom was transformed between the service, the meal and the reception and when my feet hurt and I felt cold I could run upstairs to my room to get my flat shoes and cardigan! Again the meal was fantastic, the band were great and everyone had a lovely day! I even managed to use the chocolate fountain without covering my face or dress!

This is the second time I’ve been to Belfast and I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to see more this time, but I’ll definitely be back soon to visit the newly-weds and I’ll fit much more in then!

Karen x

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