Graze Boxes – Nature Delivered

I know that Graze boxes have been around for a while, but I’ve never mentioned them on here before and thought it was about time I bigged them up!

I found out about Graze through Twitter after a few of my friends had tried graze boxes and loved them. I got a code for a free box so there was no reason not to try it out!

Basically you sign up online, they send you a box which contains 4 smaller sealed sections containing different healthy snacks. You can “bin” any boxes you wouldn’t want to receive, but I stayed open minded to start with so I could try everything!

This is the selection I received at work today: Boston Baguettes with BBQ Sauce, Fruit & Nut Case, Fruit & Seed Flapjacks and Hickory Smoked Nuts & Seeds. I LOVE these flapjacks. The boxes are sent first class through Royal Mail and arrive just in time for my morning break, so these are the first thing to be opened! I like the nuts and seeds too but haven’t tried the baguettes yet.

Each time you get a box, you are sent an email so you can rate your selection either “Bin”, “Try”, “Like” or “Love” and this helps them decide what to send you in future.You also get a handy leaflet that tells you all the nutritional information for the snacks in your box, highlighting any key facts like low calorie or high fibre snacks.  All the snacks are suitable for vegetarians and any vegans or coeliacs can easily remove items which are unsuitable. Graze give you pointers for this in their FAQ.

Boxes can be stopped at any time or you can easily set them to be received when you want.  I now get one box a month and I’ve whittled my selection down to foods that I like or love.

Have you tried Graze boxes?  Do you have any favourites?

If you haven’t tried them, why not give it a shot?  You can get a free box by entering voucher code BW9BHVJD at Let me know what you think!

Karen x

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