Before I Leave…

Just a few things for me to let you know about before I go on holiday for a couple of weeks. Oh didn’t I tell you?! 😀 I’m only off to Japan for 10 days! *squee*

It’s going to be such an amazing trip that I can’t wait but I will be writing a travel diary as I go and uploading it to my blog when I get back.  I’m taking my big kick-ass camera with me to capture everything so basically wherever I go, my camera goes and through my blog you can (sort of) go too!

Remember to subscribe to my updates by entering your email address in the box to the right, or adding this blog to your reader of choice (Google Reader, Bloglovin, etc) and that way you won’t miss anything!

My Etsy shops will still be open for business but I can’t post anything out until I’m back 😦

But on the bright side, you can have 10% off everything in my crafty shop and my whimsy vintage shop! Just add the code JAPAN10 at the checkout for your discount and I’ll ship everything out super-swiftly once I’m back!

And finally, I found out that I’m going to be auntie to a little girl!  My brother and his girlfriend had a scan last night and found out, so I’m really excited about buying lots of lovely girlie things now!

Oh, and you should go and see Argo at the cinema, I saw a preview this week and it’s brilliant!

Have a lovely couple of weeks and I’ll speak to you all on my return!

2 responses to “Before I Leave…”

  1. Oh my goodness I am so jealous you are getting to go to Japan! I hope you have the best time!!


  2. Hi Amanda! I had such an amazing time! I kept a sort of travel diary so I'll be uploading lots of posts about my adventures soon! x


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