My Adventures In Japan – Day 7

Sunday 11th November 2012

Despite the turn in the weather, today was another exciting day for me because there’s one thing I really wanted to do when I was in Japan.

We got the train to Shibuya, which is a pretty confusing place when you step out of the station! You’re faced with a bus depot and we had to go upstairs onto the walkway and decide on our direction from there. I’m amazed we managed to get to our destination because the map was pretty confusing but I’d been warned that it was hard to find.

Then we saw it, the bright exterior next to the dull surrounding buildings, it was Junie Moon!

For those who don’t know, Junie Moon is the official shop for Blythe. It’s not a big store, and I was hoping for a wider range of accessories, but they did have a lot of lovely dolls to look at and I felt that it was a better museum than a doll shop. I only got a couple of photos, you’re not meant to take pictures inside.

I bought some socks and a Hopeful Heart Care Bear for Blythe, but I also managed to buy a little something that I’d wanted for a while and had set my sights on long before our trip…

..and this is Vesper, my new stock Manuheauli’i Paradise Girl Blythe. Her hair is amazing, so long and soft, but I plan to mattify her face, once I become brave enough!

I had to carry her about all day, dying to take her out of the box, but we had other things to see and do!

We headed back towards the train station in an attempt to find a restaurant we’d read about. In order to get there we had to tackle what is widely regarded as the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing, which apparently up to 2-3,000 negotiate at any one time.

After lunch we did a little shopping, how could I not go into this Disney Store?! And why did I not buy that Minnie Mouse?! I also had my first ever Krispy Kreme doughnut (and my second too)! Yum!

It started to rain as we approached Yoyogi Park, so I’m not sure if we missed most of the Harajuku girls I’d heard about or if they just weren’t there.  There were young guys with light sabres too but they were just finishing up.

We did manage to catch the Rockabilly dancers before they left and seeing them was my main reason for going.

It was getting pretty dark by the time we got to Meiji Shrine, which is just adjacent to Yoyogi Park.

There are lots of shops in this area, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but in Japan the majority of shops are open til pretty late into the evening. I’d really wanted to look around but my feet were absolutely aching again, so we visited a couple then grabbed something to eat in a local coffee shop before heading back to fix up my feet and watch The Three Muskateers in Japanese!

2 responses to “My Adventures In Japan – Day 7”

  1. thesweetnessd23 Avatar

    I was waiting for some peek of something Disney! haha Ah I would of made myself bankrupt in there 😛 Did you not go to Disneyland? It's on my bucket list! Meiji Shrine is another place that would appeal to me to visit. x


  2. Yip, we managed to sneak some Disney in there! It's funny different some of the products are, I really liked that fuzzy range with Minnie and Goofy but we never got that here as far as I'm aware. We didn't go to Disneyland, just because we had so many other places to go and we'd both been to Disneyland elsewhere. I'll definitely go there when I go back though! x


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