Review: Graze Breakfast Box

Being Scottish, I’ve eaten my fair share of porridge. Growing up we had it with sugar and milk (don’t think I could bear the salt and water kind!) and I remember thinking it was pretty boring, except for the layer of crunchy melted sugar on top, which I’d always try to save for last!

So I didn’t hold much hope for the Graze breakfast box which was released recently. You get four different porridges to try in each one, some with, and some without, honey.

My box included cherry & almond, blueberry & lingonberry, hazelnut & flame raisin and blackcurrant & cranberry.

You get a little instruction booklet in the box too, which also includes all the nutritional information (with and without the milk), so I headed off to the kitchen with it and the cherry & almond porridge.

It is really easy to make. You just tip the porridge into a bowl, add a punnet and a half of milk, stick it in the microwave for 2 minutes, and you’re done! If you want to, you can add some or all of the honey afterwards, just stir it in. I put all the honey in first time and it was too sweet, but found half was juuust riiight! 😀

I made them for lunch in my “work bowl” which is big enough for soup, salad, anything really, so it may not look like a lot but it was pretty much exactly the right amount for me.

So basically, these porridges are delicious! They’re the best porridges I’ve tasted, they’re not stodgy or clumpy, and the flavours I tried were all lovely. The cherry & almond and hazelnut & flame raisin were my favourites, but there are currently eight flavours to try, so I’ll have to taste them all just to make sure!

If you want to try them just go to, and if you type in code XXQXFM9 you’ll get your first box for free (you can cancel at any time)!

Has anyone else tried them? Let me know what you think!

4 responses to “Review: Graze Breakfast Box”

  1. I love them! They are so handy to bring into work in the morning! I've been trying to get myself to like porridge for aaages but found myself forcing it down, but these are delicious. Especially the apple n cinnamon one 🙂


  2. Me too! I've tried all these different instant ones but they were awful! I'm so glad Graze have saved the day!


  3. I had never really had porridge before but after trying these, I'm converted! Love them x


  4. Stick to these Rhiannon, it doesn't get any better than these! 😀


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