My Hogmanay 2013

I can’t quite believe we are almost halfway through January already! I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of things, or finding a new direction to swing in! (Take that as you wish!)

In my part of the world New Year’s Day isn’t the big deal, the main event is Hogmanay. My three main ingredients for Hogmanay are as follows:

1. Good company. Friends, family, complete strangers, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re having fun.
2. Good food. Usually this involves a big pot of something hot and party snacks.
3. Good drink. Well, often it doesn’t even have to be that good!

2013 ended with me attending a “Glitz At The Blitz” party with some of Allan’s friends, who I’d never met before, but I had a brilliant time!

What a handsome (and rather drunk) couple!

I didn’t take a huge amount of photos (seemed a bit weird in a stranger’s house!) but the house was decorated with lots of bunting and original wartime pieces including gas masks, helmets, parachutes and ever an air raid siren! Luckily the guard was on for most of the evening so it wasn’t massively loud, but the next morning when the guard was removed everyone’s hangovers were tested!

There were sloppy joe’s, 40’s music and lots of kisses at the bells. Everyone put so much effort into their outfits and they were so lovely that I felt totally at ease within no time. Fancy dress Hogmanay’s are a winner!

How did you celebrate Hogmanay and New Year?

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