My Mini-Adventure To Glen Clova

Allan recently whisked me away for the weekend to his favourite place, Glen Clova in the Cairngorms.

I don’t go walking often but Allan’s a bit of a pro. We had gone for an 8 mile walk around Loch Muick (also in the Cairngorms) back in November to see how I’d handle it and I passed the test which allowed me access to the next level!

As you can see it was pretty cold but it all started off very well with a nice walk along some flat-ish paths.

We even managed to have some fun along the way!

As we went higher the path got a bit more treacherous. Most of it was solid ice at this point, so we used rocks or the snowy sections at the sides for better grip.

We stopped for a break and saw bad weather drawing in.  We went a bit further but this, along with the amount of light left and my asthma causing some problems with my breathing, meant that we had to turn around and head back.

The journey down was a lot easier and we even had some time for some photos before the light disappeared!

When we got back to our home for the night, the Glen Clova Hotel, we headed straight to the bar for a drink and some heat in front of the fire.

After a soak in the bath and some chill-out time we headed down to the bar again for some delicious food. The atmosphere was perfect, there aren’t a lot of tables so it was really cosy and friendly.

We headed to our room stuffed full of food and slept like logs! We stayed in the four-poster room which was nice and spacious and comfortable.

The next morning we had a nice big breakfast before hitting the road to Montrose.

6 responses to “My Mini-Adventure To Glen Clova”

  1. This looks really beautiful …but perhaps a bit too much like hard work for me!


  2. That food looks bloody epic! x


  3. It was delicious! We were struggling after the main course, but who could resist that cheesecake?! x


  4. I won't lie Laura, it was pretty hard going towards the end but the views made up for it! x


  5. This looks absolutely gorgeous! We haven't had any snow yet this year 😦


  6. We haven't had much apart from the hills, although it seems there's some on its way!


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