Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 15 Weeks

A couple of weeks ago I announced that Allan and I are going to have a baby. I’ve found that reading blogs with maternity timelines is really helpful and gives me a rough idea what to expect along the way so I thought I’d do one of my own!

So this is me and Apple! We’ve been naming the baby based on its size and it’s grown from a lime to an apple in three weeks!

How I’m Feeling

I’m now in my second trimester which means all the yucky symptoms of pregnancy should be mostly gone, but I’ve been really lucky and only had a few, very short periods of nausea throughout the day and these are pretty much gone.  I found that eating gummy sweets helped me through those waves, which Allan thinks is just an excuse for me to eat more sweeties! I do love sweeties, but that’s just a happy coincidence! The main triggers were brushing my teeth and catching a whiff of a strong smell.

What I’m Wearing

I’ve just started wearing maternity trousers to work and it’s SOOO much comfier! They also make my bump look like a bump and I don’t feel like such a wee fatty! I’ve already packed away most of my wardrobe because it doesn’t fit me anymore (WWWAAHHHH!) and I’m starting with a few essentials like over-the-bump skinny jeans and leggings and some tops I’ve bought in the sale or from eBay.

What I’m Eating

In the early days I was eating a LOT. I had a bump but it was more of a food baby than an actual baby! Now my tastes are more refined and I’m eating smaller portions of better food. The sweeties have reduced and now I’m eating a proper breakfast of cereal, a small, healthier lunch and in the evening I’ve taken a real shine to Ready Brek. I think it’s because it’s quick, hot and pretty non-offensive in the taste and smell categories. I’m also eating Babybels and drinking loads and loads and loads of diluting juice, I’m super-thirsty right now.

It’d be great to hear from fellow maternity bloggers (I’ve already heard from a few) so feel free to give me your deets or suggest any in the comments in below. Also let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed that you’d like to know about or how this compares to your experience!

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