Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 24 Weeks

This is me and Corn (apparently baby is the length of an ear of corn!) at 24 weeks and steadily increasing in size!

As mentioned in my last post, we were just a few days away from our 20 week scan, our last chance to see baby before it’s here! It’s amazing to see how formed baby looks! Look at that little nose, tiny foot and scary Terminator face! I’m pretty sure it isn’t a cyborg though..! The sonographer checked baby thoroughly for anything unusual and everything looks fine!

Allan rearranged the bedroom to fit the new cotbed we have ordered, and Mum and Dad took us shopping for our travel system today, so it’s all getting very real! Now that Christmas and New Year have passed and there are only 16 weeks to go we need to get organised!

Here’s the travel system we went for:

We opted for the Hauck Winnie the Pooh Shop N Drive Travel System from Babies R Us because it was the easiest to use, lightest and most comprehensive system within our budget.
The advice I was given was to look for one with a raincover and footmuff, with swivel wheels, room for shopping and a changing bag with mat if possible. We wanted one which was a car seat, pram and buggy and would suit any gender because we won’t know until baby is here what sex it is, and also we’d ideally keep it for a second child.
I had quite fancied one where the top is removable and the components are interchangeable and clipped into place, but after trying them out in stores today I completely changed my mind. After trying a few out I felt that this style (where the car seat sits on top of the pram/buggy) was lighter and easier to use.
This Hauck one was easier to collapse and expand, and it was easier to remove the car seat and adjust the seating position than the other models I tried. It ticks every box on our wish list, is compact when collapsed so it fits neatly into the car, and it has a drink holder and tray for me!
As well as the cotbed and travel system we’ve started to buy the basic bits and bobs which we’ll need straight away when the baby is born. This is where I’m glad I don’t know if baby is a boy or a girl, I would have spent a fortune on all the cute outfits I’ve seen! I bought some neutral vests, sleepsuits, mitts, hats etc which will be sufficient for the first few days. We also have a hooded towel, changing mat, thermometer for the bedroom and bedding which we’ve bought and we’ve been gifted some other bits and bobs already.

Later this week we have another midwife appointment where we’ll be given our MAT B1 form so we can organise maternity leave and pay, and get information on antenatal classes.

How I’m Feeling

I’ve definitely felt plenty of movement these last few weeks which is a weird sensation but great at the same time!

On the downside I’ve started to feel more aches and pains than before. I walk a lot at work and my feet and legs are getting tired and sore and I’m getting restless legs which drives me insane! It’s also getting difficult to bend and stretch as my bump grows and I get sore hips when I sleep on my side. I’ve bought a pillow to put between my knees in bed and that helps a bit, but sleeping on my back is preferable (when my back doesn’t hurt, that is!).

It’s all bearable at the moment though and I still feel pretty good overall!

What I’m Wearing

I’m back to my usual workwear now that Christmas has passed but my trousers are a bit snug so it’s time to go up a size! I’m hoping my cosy winter jumper will do for a few weeks til the temperature increases and I can get back to some lighter clothes and dresses!

What I’m Eating

I still love drinking milk, lots of milk, but my current craving is for ice poles and icicles and ice cubes! I found these mini Fabs at work, yum!

How does this compare to you at 24 weeks? Are there any products that you would recommend I buy? I’d love to hear your experiences too!

2 responses to “Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 24 Weeks”

  1. I can't believe how much I'm feeling the baby at 26 weeks (tomorrow) compared to a month ago! I had a little panic last week because all the lists of \”must have\” baby items seem to vary so much but I think we're on track now – we've been making the most of the online sales!If your hips are getting achey, I recommend the Fit for Pregnancy class at the NHS Health Village – you'll never get in and out of bed the old way again! I'm booked in for the four NHS antenatal classes towards the end of February – there's also a new \”relaxation\” one which isn't on the pink sheet I was given. A friend recommended it but I had to ask my midwife about it – it's sort of hypnobirthing techniques?! I'm looking forward to all of them!Can't believe in a few months' time we'll be both be mums. 🙂


  2. I know! Not long now! Maybe we'll be in the same antenatal classes, that'd be a good meetup! I'll remember to ask about hypnobirthing and Fit For Pregnancy classes, they sound really good.Hope you're feeling ok!


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