Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 27 Weeks

Here we are in week 27! Only 13 more to go!

I didn’t really notice a difference in my size from individual photos but then I see this comparison:

I’ve gone up a size in work trousers and will have to invest in some longer vests as they keep riding up!

We saw the midwife a couple of weeks ago and all is well, our next appointment is in a couple of weeks and I have to get a whooping cough injection and blood test, neither of which I’m looking forward to!

We have our antenatal classes booked and they start in March and my maternity leave begins around a month later!

The cotbed arrived recently and we are currently working on what to put in the hospital bag and the essentials we’ll need straight from hospital.

How I’m Feeling

This last week in particular it has really hit me how tired and achy I’m becoming.  Working 9 hour days on random shifts is taking its toll and my legs, feet and back are sore. If I stand for too long it’s sore, if I sit for too long it’s sore, I can’t win!

Baby has been kicking like mad! Allan can clearly feel it when he puts his hand on my stomach and he loves it! Baby is now roughly 37cms/14.5 inches long and weighs about 900g so there’s no surprise that it’s filling up the space!

I still have restless legs and I get out of breath quickly if I try to do too much, but it’s good that my body is telling me to slow down!

What I’m Wearing

I’m still pretty much just wearing my work uniform then changing into my comfies or pyjamas when I get home. But for those times when I do leave the house, I bought this cute fox jumper in the sale at Primark and I’m in the process of getting some new jeans as my restless legs do not enjoy my black skinnies anymore!

I had my work’s Christmas night out last weekend and I wish I’d taken a photo of my outfit! It was essentially a black dress with white spots and a white cardigan, but it was nice to get dressed up and I did my hair using my new hair wand my team bought for me Christmas.

What I’m Eating

ALL THE ICE POLES! I can’t get enough of ice, icicles and ice poles right now. It’s the coldness, the crunching, the hydration, the whole shebang! I’m also eating a lot of clementines and drinking loads of fruit juice and water, I feel like I’m from The Faculty or Big Fish!

How does this compare to you at 27 weeks? Are there any products that you would recommend I buy? I’d love to hear your experiences too!

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