Pregnancy Update – Baby Bird Guest Post With Allan!

I thought it would be a nice idea to let Allan write a guest post about his experiences of the pregnancy so far. I’ll let you decide if it was a good idea or not..!

So, Karen asked me to write on her blog to give you all an insight into my perspective of our pregnancy. We’ve talked about me being a guest blogger before and the idea always appealed. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a regular spot?

I guess I’ll start when I found out about our bundle to be. Although we spoke about having a baby I had only recently found out we were trying (as opposed to practicing). We both knew we wanted to have babies and that we weren’t getting any younger. (especially Karen, she’s older than me! What a cougar!) I told her that when she felt she was ready, to go ahead and come off contraception, to keep it a secret and not let me know. She’s not very good with secrets though and I soon found out! What was a real surprise was not long after that I came home to a little card to open. It had a cute picture of tiny person and a note to say that we were pregnant and how happy she was. It ranks up there with some of the best days in my life! If you regularly read Karen’s blog you’ve probably read about a few of the others.

Since becoming pregnant Karen has become grumpy, abusive and regularly subjects me to emotional and physical battering. Nope that’s a lie, I’ve heard many a horror story but she’s been amazing. Despite the fact that I know she’s uncomfortable at times and gets some obviously painful cramps she powers on through. We’ve been very fortunate and she’s avoided any of the more unpleasant symptoms of parasite infestation! Sorry I really shouldn’t refer to our darling little package yet to be received in such derogatory terms!

Speaking of said package it’s been such a great adventure getting to see our baby on the hospital radar! I keep hoping to see Red October at the same time but sadly it eludes me (some of you will get this!). The first scan showed that our baby had an amazing powerful little heart despite only being 8 weeks old and the size of a peanut. The subsequent scan showed us more of a baby shape and it all became a bit more real when Karen was asked to cough and this little person started to jump and kick, I honestly couldn’t breath as I watched it move.

At our last scan around 20 weeks we really got to see a baby shape and so much more detail like a little button nose, tiny adorable feet, little hands and the cold and unflinching eyes of the Terminator! *chills*

When I saw our first scans I was convinced we were having a boy but on the last scan something told me it was going to be a girl. The fact is though, we don’t know and are choosing to have a surprise! I’m glad because it’s restraining Karen’s natural impulse to buy everything pink/blue she can get her hands on! Although I’d really like to have a daughter I’ll be over the moon no matter what we get.

I’ve been full on nesting. Clearing space, de-junking and building the cot. I’m really enjoying the whole process. I’m excited to start our baby survival classes, I believe we’re being briefed by Auntie Natal, whoever she is!?

I’m really looking forward to being a parent, a father and a role model. I have some pretty good examples of how to a be great father from my own experiences growing up with my dad. If I do half as good a job as him I’ll be doing OK! I’m excited about everything to come even the nappies, late nights and teething. Whether I’ll feel the same dealing with all the trials and tribulations remains to be seen. I think I’ll do just fine though, especially with someone as wonderful as Karen by my side.

2 responses to “Pregnancy Update – Baby Bird Guest Post With Allan!”

  1. Danielle Eskdale Avatar
    Danielle Eskdale

    Karen, you have one amazing other half there. This was so brilliant to read that I have laughed and cried during it – Allan, you certainly need a regular spot! I'll place my vote on the bundle of joy being a girl!Sending lots of love and best wishes, I hope it is continues to be smooth sailing, as much as it can be! xo


  2. Awww, this is so adorable! I completely vote on you getting a regular spot Allan! It was so nice to read and it's so nice to hear the other person's experience with pregnancy as you don't always hear that side often.Big hugs xx


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