Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 32 Weeks

We’re down to single figures, only 8 weeks to go! That is actually really scary!

It’s been a busy 3 weeks!

After my last midwife appointment I was given iron tablets as I’m anaemic and I had a flu jab. Ouch! But that’s the only semi-bad bits!

We got some lovely hand-knitted cardigans from a colleague at work, how cute are these little penguin buttons?!

And after a bit of a faff we got a cotbed mattress! It was the third one I’d ordered as there were problems with the first two and I was beginning to think that baby would be here before we got one! We’ve left the plastic on to discourage the cats from sleeping on it, then we can air it for a couple of weeks before putting the bedding on.

I’ve been pampered a bit lately and I reckon I’ve earned it! I had my first hair cut for about 6 months with a conditioning treatment, had my eyebrows threaded, my toenails gel polished and I had a Mother-To-Be massage at Pure Spa after receiving vouchers for my birthday last Monday.

And because it was my birthday I took the whole week off work and spent it just how I wanted! Allan and I had a lovely little trip to Edinburgh, I caught up on cinema visits, had afternoon tea with family, baked and shopped and slept and ate! I had a great time!

How I’m Feeling

I’m starting to get some niggles in my back, hips, legs and feet and sometimes I can’t exert myself much at all before becoming tired and breathless. I felt fantastic after my massage but the effects didn’t last forever! Baby has been kicking like mad and it takes me by surprise how energetic it is sometimes! It’s also weird (but in a really good way!) rubbing my belly and feeling an elbow or foot sticking out!

What I’m Wearing

Just the same old stuff! My wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller as bump gets bigger and bigger and I can’t wait to buy normal clothes again! I have to delete all fashion emails and avoid looking in clothes shops as I just see things I want but shouldn’t buy yet! Only a few months left to wait til I’m out of maternity gear I suppose!

What I’m Eating

I’m almost back to normal with my eating, returning to foods which I ate pre-pregnancy with no real cravings. I’m still pretty thirsty though.

How does this compare to you at 32 weeks?

3 responses to “Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 32 Weeks”

  1. I bought myself a new T-shirt to wear home from the hospital after the birth. It's just a big, baggy T-shirt I can breastfeed in but I'm so looking forward to wearing something NEW!


  2. Definitely! The bigger I get, the less options I have and I don't want to buy anything new for these last few weeks! That's hoping that I return to my normal size soon! x


  3. I read that, right after the birth, you're the same size you were at five months pregnant. So at least maternity jeans might be comfortable again…!


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