Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 38 Weeks

Less than two weeks to go!

Not a lot has happened this last fortnight! I started maternity leave last week and I’ve been trying to catch up with things and put my feet up a bit more too. I started out with a couple of days doing lots but my ankles and hands were swelling up like balloons so it was time to dial it back a bit!

After packing the hospital bag, we’ve moved onto packing the hospital snacks bag. Yes, that is a thing! It’s recommended that you take some food and drink to the hospital to keep energy levels up during labour. So far we’ve got Lucozade, Snickers, Nak’d bars, wholemeal bread and Quorn for sandwiches, crisps, diluting juice, flapjacks and pear drops! It all sounds like a delicious picnic right now, not sure how I’ll feel at the time!

As baby could arrive anytime between now and the next few weeks I thought it was probably about time to dress the cotbed! I got a bargain set for £7 from Tesco which included the bumper, sheet, quilt and blanket and it’s nice and bright for a girl or a boy! Now I just have to keep the cats out of it!

How I’m Feeling

I still feel pretty uncomfortable and that’s not going to change anytime soon! My support belt definitely helps and sitting upright feels like the comfiest position right now.  Sleeping isn’t too bad but putting a pillow under the bump helps too. I did some grocery shopping earlier in the week but walking about too much can be painful and trying not too buy too much so I can carry it is difficult too!

What I’m Wearing

I’ve pretty much decided not to buy any further maternity clothes because I’m already outgrowing some of the stuff I have! But I have bought this awesome New Look maxi skirt and it’s so comfy! It’s from the normal range so I can still wear it afterwards, but it has an elasticated waist which means I can wear it over the bump at the moment and around my waist when I have one again! I’ve been wearing a vest over it too so it tucks under a bit and doesn’t just hang off the bump and make me look like the side of a house!
What I’m Eating

This week’s cravings have been cheese and oatcakes and Frosted Wheats! I’m still drinking lots of fresh juice and eating lots of fruit, especially oranges, and haven’t the same sweet-tooth I had before.

Hopefully baby will arrive soon, I can’t wait to meet him/her! I’ve been trying curries and pineapple and hot baths, all old wives tales I’m sure, but nothing is budging baby yet! But you never know, it could be any minute now… 😀

2 responses to “Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 38 Weeks”

  1. oh very exciting time for you and Allan, not long to go now till you meet your wee one 🙂 I love the cot set, so bright and cheerful and a bargain. I'm sure I saw you (or your double) in my local Tesco a few weeks ago but you had waddled off and through a door before I could say hi. Labour and picnic are not 2 words I would put together but hey ho everyones different lol Hope all goes well for you and your precious baby bird makes an appearance soon 🙂


  2. Aww, that definitely sounds like me, sorry I missed you! Thank you for your kind words, It's been a long wait but knowing that he/she will definitely be here in less than 4 weeks is exciting! x


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