Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 40 Weeks

Well here we are, today is our due date!

We had a midwife appointment a week ago and discussed having a sweep next week, which is totally optional and sounds slightly unpleasant, but I’m away to give birth so in the grand scheme of it all “unpleasant” and “uncomfortable” is nothing! In the meantime we’re still trying all the old tricks but to no avail.

Thursday was such an exciting mail day though! This week is Real Nappy Week, a week dedicated to spreading the word about reusable nappies with great discounts and competitions. After getting loads of great information from local expert Nicole at The Nappy Laundry, I had already picked the brands and styles I wanted to use, so I set about getting the best deal I could.

The top row are one size pocket nappies by Little Lamb and the bottom row are Basics by Bambooty. They’re all one size nappies which should fit baby from birth to potty training using a system of poppers to adjust the size. I love the rainbow of colours we’ve bought and can’t wait to see our baby’s tiny butt in them!

We’re trying to go reusable for pretty much everything, so I also bought reusable nappy liners (for catching the poo!), reusable breast pads and reusable baby cloths instead of using wipes. A lot of people tell me it’s too much work or doesn’t help the environment that much but I just can’t imagine putting thousands of nappies in landfill, it just doesn’t sit right with me. So we’ll give it our best shot!

We also plan to be babywearers, so we bought a Boba wrap from The Nappy Laundry. Nicole went through the various designs and brands and we decided to start with this as it’s relatively inexpensive, sturdy and would fit both Allan and I. It’s also great for breastfeeding on the go which is important to me. I think that’s us all organised now…

How I’m Feeling

To be honest, I’m getting fed up! I’m getting bored of being off work on my own and I’m losing motivation to leave the house.  I sleep well until about 6-8am and I feel great, so I get up and have breakfast, but then I slowly fade and have a nap from about 10am til lunchtime! The postman is now getting used to seeing me in my pyjamas with wild hair! The swelling in my hands is annoying and sometimes sore but generally I’m fine. I’ve had some major Braxton Hicks, especially one evening when it went on for so long I wondered if baby was on it’s way! Any new pain or sensation makes me wonder!

What I’m Wearing

The same as usual, nothing new to report here! I still refuse to buy anything new but can’t wait to get back into a wider selection, even if it’s just more of my maternity stuff which I no longer fit into!
What I’m Eating

I’m starting to lose my appetite a bit, although one sunny day this week I absolutely had to have a strawberry milkshake and Smarties McFlurry from McDonalds! I’d really like that again now actually!

If baby hasn’t arrived of its own accord in the next two weeks labour will be induced, so this should be my last pregnancy update! I can’t wait to introduce our tiny sweetheart!

2 responses to “Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 40 Weeks”

  1. Danielle Eskdale Avatar
    Danielle Eskdale

    LOVE hearing that you are cloth nappy-ing! Its what I'd do if I could bare to have children lol. Can't believe you are full term already!! For feeling so fed up you still look stunning. Best of luck when the time comes and I can't wait to see your new family member.xo


  2. Thanks Danielle! It's been a quick 9 months but this last bit is dragging! 😀 Hopefully we can show baby off soon! x


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