Sorsha And The Cinebabies

Sorsha had her first trip to the cinema today! Regular readers will know I love movies and going to the cinema, so when I heard about Cineworld Cinebabies showings I had to take her along. Cinebabies screenings are for anyone accompanied by a child under 18 months old at selected Cineworld cinemas.

Sorsha and I went along with the lovely Sarah from Sarah Rooftops, her partner Steve and their gorgeous daughter Matilda. There’s only a couple of weeks between the girls so we had been trying to organise a good catchup and this was the perfect opportunity.

There are two Cinebabies per week at my local cinema, one on a Wednesday morning and one on a Saturday morning, and they announce the films to come on their Facebook page. Today’s film was Minions and because I have an Unlimited card it was a cheap outing as kids are free (adults pay the usual price). We handed over our tickets and were advised that there was a cordoned off area for pushchairs, so we dumped our wheels then headed through to our screen. The little ones get a seat too which was great because it meant that Sorsha could sit in her car seat and face the screen, something I hadn’t really thought about! She could even have her milk in the cup holder!

The lights were dimmed but not out completely and the sound is turned down but still at a perfectly reasonable level.

During the movie a few babies were crying, parents were walking about rocking their little ones and some little bodies were being thrown in the air or lifted to have their nappies checked, but none of that mattered. In non-Cinebabies screenings I would hate it (see my opinions on cinema etiquette!) but it was nice to know that if Sorsha had been upset it wouldn’t have made me feel bad or uncomfortable. As it happened she slept the whole way through!

Afterwards lots of parents were taking selfies and photos around the cinema so it was only right that we joined in too!

I thought the whole thing was brilliant and can’t wait to take Sorsha back again! It was also fantastic catching up with Sarah, Steve and Matilda and talking babies, babies, babies, and hopefully we can do that again too!

Have you been to Cinebabies? Or is this new to you too? Let me know your experience of it!

3 responses to “Sorsha And The Cinebabies”

  1. The title of this post really sounds like a brilliant 90s cartoon.


  2. That's what I was going for! Glad you noticed! 😀 x


  3. Ha, that picture with the Minions is brilliant! So cute.


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