Things That Go Blog In The Night! An Update

Good morning! Here I am, sat drinking a cup of tea and rocking a giggly, hyper 4 month old to sleep. The house is still and I’ve been awake since 4am because Sorsha is having one of those random nights where she won’t sleep through. So now that I finally have some time, and inspired by a good catchup with my bestie Leanne from Broke In The Big Smoke yesterday, I figured it’s time to post about recent events!

I haven’t blogged for a month and for good reason, we’re on the move! Well, actually, let’s start at the beginning…

The posts that I wrote about Sorsha’s birth took more out of me than expected. I’m a pragmatist and I hadn’t realised the emotional impact that her arrival had had. Something in me didn’t want to relive it all but was desperate to get it down so I could share the experience and have a reminder of what we’d all been through. I felt relieved but drained after writing them and it made me want a break.

But hey, line drawn, moving on! At the moment we stay in the flat that I bought as a single girl two years ago, but obviously within those two years I met Allan, he moved in, we got two cats and two more guinea pigs, got engaged and had a baby so it’s time to move! Unfortunately we live in the oil capital of Europe and although the industry has been badly affected recently, property here is not cheap.

We decided to view a few places to get an idea of what we’re looking for and found a property we love but aren’t able to put in an offer until our home is sold, so for the last month we have been working our butts off to get our place “market ready”. Things were looking bleak for a while as it seemed everything was going wrong around us, our plumbing blocked, a big chunk of harling came off the wall, it seemed everything we touched was a problem waiting to happen.

Motivation was at a low until the last few days. We’ve sold a flat I had in Dundee, which was a nightmare in itself when the first viewers went round and the roof had leaked and collapsed a little! But we got there in the end after months of insurance claims and paying for an empty flat! Our home is now almost finished and *fingers crossed* should be on the market within 2-3 weeks and, for the moment at least, our dream home is still available.

So now that most of the hard work is done *crossing those fingers again* moving house is within reach and hopefully we’ll spend Sorsha’s first Christmas in our new home! Oh, and I can blog a bit more!

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