We’ve Sold Our House!

Our flat went on under offer on Tuesday and we put in an offer on our dream home which has been accepted! We’re so excited and I can’t quite believe it yet!

Our flat went under offer on Tuesday and whilst I can’t wait to move into our new house with more space and a bigger garden, I also feel sad about leaving my little home which we’ve put so much work and memories into!

Here are some before pictures:

And here are our after pictures:

Quite a difference eh?! Out with the beige and in with the white! It’s strange though, for two years we’ve put off doing jobs around the house, then it comes to selling it and it’s the best it’s ever been! Most of the vintage features that I fell in love with are now gone, but that’s just how the market works around here.

But it’s the end of an era. Two years ago I was a single girl moving into my new flat. Now I’m moving out of that flat with a fiance, a baby, two cats and three guinea pigs!

We’ve looked at a number of houses over the last few months and there’s one which we both immediately loved and could see ourselves living in forever. This was back in July and we thought it would sell quickly so we’d never have a chance to buy it. We’ve kept our eye on it, looking at the listing and expecting it to sell, but it never did. So as soon as we accepted an offer on ours we put in our offer and got it!

It’s a lovely little country cottage, with an extra bedroom for Sorsha, and really nicely decorated so we just have to move our stuff in! The best bit is the big garden and the view…

…is amazing! I feel like I should pinch myself every time I see it!

We move at the end of November, providing all goes well (which is a constant worry!) and you’ll get the grand tour then!

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