Guest Post – My Favourite Seasonal Candles

Whilst I’m moving home, I’ve asked some lovely blogging ladies to fill you in on all things housey!

Next up is Heather from Of Beauty And Nothingness. I’m a big fan of candles, especially at this time of year so I’ll need to check out these recommendations!


Candles are some of my favourite products to use and buy at this time of the year, I use more candles during the autumn and winter months than I do for the rest of the year. I love food, baking, woody and christmasy scents at this time as they are just so cosy and inviting on colder, crisp days. I have tried so many candles *probably more than I should* but here are my current favourites from The Great Escape, Yankee Candle and Old Stable.

Yankee Candle has been one of my favourite brands for the past few years. My aunties and friends are big fans too as most people are! Some of my favourite scents include: Christmas Cookie, Vanilla Chai and Midsummers Night – all of which would also be perfect for autumn/winter. However my current favourites are Witches Brew and Christmas Memories. Witches Brew is the perfect halloween scent as it is so musky and magical, if that even makes sense! Whereas Christmas Memories is a lovely spicy, cinnamon scent that reminds me of Christmas baking.

Recently, I’ve started to stray away from Yankee Candle, to try something new and I discovered the amazing brand – The Great Escape which make gorgeous handmade candles. The Mississippi creme brûlée and Jaipur spiced ginger candles are not only gorgeously presented and would make fantastic gifts but they smell incredible. The spiced ginger and creme brûlée scents are perfect for christmas time as they remind me of baking and comfort food. The Great Escape candles have a unique crackling wooden wick so it crackles as it burns which is such a nice and autumnal touch.

Another brand that I’ve been loving but annoyingly I forgot to photograph is Old Stable. As with The Great Escape candles, the Old Stable candles are made of environmentally friendly soya/eco wax. I have the Old Stable ‘The Pantry’ candle, can you see a theme here with my favourite scents!? The candle has a crackling wick and the scent is so heavenly but it isn’t overwhelming as some candle scents can be.

Overall, I cannot recommend these candles and brands enough, I love the scents mentioned especially for the autumn and winter months as they are so cosy, warming and inviting scents.



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