Guest Post – Moving Into Your Own Place After Uni

Whilst I’m moving home, I’ve asked some lovely blogging ladies to fill you in on all things housey!

Next up is Codie from Codiekinz sharing her experiences of moving from shared accommodation at uni into her first home of her own. A lot of this brings back memories for me too!


In your first year of University, living in shared accommodation seems like the coolest, must fun thing ever. It’s like you’re on Friends and you can’t ever imagine not wanting to live with a random group of people. Flash forward to your third year, cleaning the gross microwave (which you totally did not do!), with your lungs full of mould from your damp student house, living on pot noodles because boy, do landlords like to take you to the cleaners! You tend to find that this is the time that you begin to be desperate to never house share again…!

Moving into your first post-Uni home is somewhat of a surreal, yet amazing experience. Personally, I couldn’t get around the fact that we were allowed candles! For real! Not to mention the fact that we didn’t have to hide from our landlord that occasionally we might have friends stay over! Amazing!

There are of course some slight downsides to this life however. If something needs doing in the house, whether that be washing up, food shopping or bills paying, it’s kinda all down to you. Also, you’re no longer a student, so some behaviours are not acceptable. Building a fort out of beer cans for example, or keeping a chunder chart on the fridge.

You may begin to experience strange sensations when you go into a shop. You may find yourself inexplicably drawn to home wear and looking at cushions could evoke feelings that you once associated with Kurt Geiger heels. Sundays may be spent un-ironically wandering around IKEA in excitement and you will maybe even find yourself discussing which shade of cream is best for the towels.

Moving into your first home is likely to be uncharted territory, full of council tax and furnishings, but boy is it worth it!


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