Life – An Update

Hiya! As you may know we moved house 11 weeks ago and it’s been a bit quiet on here since then. Well, apart from our big announcement!

Firstly, I have to say thank you to the lovely ladies who wrote guest posts while we moved, so thanks Jen from Jenstar Knits, Rhian Westbury, Lins of Boo & Maddie, Heather from Of Beauty And Nothingness and Codie from Codiekinz for writing fab posts!

So here’s what we’ve been up to:

Moving house, obviously! We’ve moved into what should be our forever home, a beautiful place in the country to raise our family.

We’re expecting a baby! Yup, we didn’t waste much time but we were keen for Sorsha to have a sibling close to her age to play with and be friends with and grow up with!

We had an epic battle with the internets. When we moved house at the end of November I fully expected we’d be offline for about two weeks. Long story short, we’ve had a nightmare and three different providers but we’re finally online!

We lost one of our cats, Meg, after she was run over and killed. Luckily she was noticed by a local lady and she and my neighbour were fantastic, coming to find me and holding onto Meg until Allan could collect her the following day.

A few days later Allan surprised me with two tiny kittens! I was so happy because Jack (Meg’s brother) had been so lost on his own and they’re getting on really well. We’ve renamed them Beau and Sebastian (they were Oreo and Gizmo) and they came from a home where the 4 year old daughter was allergic. Doesn’t Seb have an amazing moustache?!

Sorsha loves the new kittens and is settling in really well. She has her own room full of her things and is sleeping better. We started swimming classes in the local pool and made some new friends there. Her first Christmas was more exciting for us than her and we’re looking forward to her first birthday in 3 months!

So we’ve been pretty busy and I have a lot of catching up to do with blogs and emails! Expect to hear a lot more from us from now on!

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