Life: An Update

Phew! I made it! I survived returning to work after maternity leave!

OK, it was only for 14 weeks, but I am 32 weeks pregnant and was getting up at around 5am daily to work a 9 hour shift 65 miles from our home!

And it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. The early starts meant the roads were clearer and I got back home at a more reasonable time (although it also meant that 9pm was bedtime every night). I got into a good routine at work, with dropping off and picking up Sorsha from nursery and, although I missed that little toot, I was enjoying seeing my colleagues and friends again.

The hardest bit was towards the end when my body was telling me to slow down and I was becoming more uncomfortable, so I left at the right time. I am now on holiday for 6 weeks before my maternity leave begins and so far it feels good!

Today has been my first day off just me and Sorsha and we’ve had a nice relaxed day. It helps that the weather is amazing right now and I’m currently back to blogging with a facepack on that smells of banana custard whilst Sorsha sleeps. I’ve missed blogging and have lots to catch up on. I’ve also missed having time to myself and catching up with friends so I’m making plans with pals, Sorsha and probably most importantly, me!

So for now I’m away to enjoy an ice cream (if only it was an ice-cold cider!) in the peace and quiet of the garden while I can!

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