Wedding On A Budget: How To Get Your Rings For Free!

Hi everyone! I recently mentioned that Allan and I are getting married in August 2018 and we’re on a very tight budget so I plan to share some money saving tips on here!

The first one that I want to share with you is about wedding rings, because this one actually involves getting started early, like about two years before your wedding! In fact, you can also apply this one to engagement rings, wedding jewellery and bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts too!

goldsmiths wedding ring boxes

It’s really simple (don’t worry, I won’t be posting anything dodgy!) all you have to do is shop at Tesco and sign up for a Clubcard!

By the way, this post isn’t in any way paid for or affiliated with Tesco, I’m just genuinely excited about getting jewellery for free!

Every time you shop in store or online you get Clubcard points, 1 point for every £1 spent. Every quarter your points are tallied up and you get vouchers to spend at Tesco or through partners using Clubcard Boost. The vouchers are valid for two years.

So, if you get your groceries, petrol, Christmas shopping etc from Tesco you could end up with quite a tidy little sum in Clubcard vouchers over a couple of years. You can then use Clubcard Boost, which allows you to take the vouchers you’ve earned and TRIPLE THE VALUE at Goldsmiths stores! Yup, you can take these vouchers that you’ve received for free and triple their worth!

Allan and I did exactly this. We shop in Tesco anyway and use their grocery delivery service because with £1 delivery slots it’s cheaper than us going to the store ourselves, and we saved up £115 worth of vouchers. We went into Goldsmiths and picked out our rings which were slightly above our budget, but we tripled up the vouchers we had to £345 and ended up paying the difference of £10. But obviously if you pick rings which are within the value of your vouchers they will be FREE! Yipee!

As with everything, terms and conditions apply so I advise you to check if it’s the best route for you, and it only applies to Goldsmiths, but even if you have £5 worth of vouchers, that’s still £15 off your rings and any discount is a blessing when you’re on a budget!

I hope that’s been of help to someone, it would be great to hear if it has! I won’t necessarily blog about every bargain I find, but keep an eye on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter under #tinybirdwedding to see what I find!

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