Your 5 Event At Union Square, Aberdeen

10 weeks after having Willow I’m now completely out of maternity wear and actually started to wear button up jeans for the first time in forever last week! OK, they’re a bigger size than normal and I still have to cover up that little mummy tummy but I’m well on my way to a normal body shape! Yay!

Union Square Your 5 Event

I do however feel like I’ve lost track of what’s happening in the world of fashion, so I headed to the Your 5 event in Union Square in Aberdeen to find out what I should be looking for to update my wardrobe for Autumn.

Jo the stylist took me through the five key pieces that she feels are the backbone of a capsule wardrobe: the coat, the knit, the wide-legged trouser, the boot and the skirt. She talked me through all the different styles and asked me to pick my favourites and here’s what I chose:

Your 5 Picks

I’m pretty impressed with that I chose and I was quite surprised that I had two Wallis items in there! It’s not somewhere I’d even think to shop, is it because I’m getting older or is their range getting younger? I’ll go with the latter!

I’m not sure wide-legged trousers are for me, although I like that joggers are a trend because I actually have a couple of pairs in a sleeker fabric that I bought after having Sorsha and the loose fabric and elasticated waist are great for covering my mum-tum! They’re also great for casual or dressed-up for the evening!

And give me a military coat, cute boots, grey knitwear and a leather-look skirt any day and I’m happy!

I took my new found knowledge and went for a hunt around the shops and found loads of things I want!

Union Square Wishlist

By the way, if you’re in Union Square take a look at the Union Square Plus app. It’s free to download and has lots of offers and discounts for the shops and restaurants in the centre. I was trying to figure out where to go for lunch so I checked the app and found a “kids eat free” offer for Giraffe, so that’s where we went!

What are you key trends or items for the season?

This post was written in collaboration with Union Square

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