Wedding On A Budget: Tips And Tricks

As we’ve only just started our “wedding on a budget” journey, I thought I’d ask fellow bloggers to share posts which they had written to help us all out!

Planning a wedding on a budget means taking things back to basics and working out what’s important to you. Samantha at Coco Butter Blog has written a guide on “How To Keep Your Wedding Simple

Getting married abroad? Natalie from What You Didn’t Know has written a whole series on it, but her top 10 tips on saving money apply to any wedding, not just those overseas.

Save money by DIYing! Emma Drew has loads of helpful tutorials on getting crafty and making things yourself, which also adds a nice personal touch! I especially like her tips on making your own bouquets and she also has a great post on ways to save money on catering.

Natalia at British Style UK managed to grab some bargains online and from retail outlets. She got married very recently so keep an eye out for those wedding posts!

I hope you enjoy these posts! I’ve created some boards on Pinterest to add all the tips I find and I’d love to hear if you have any to share with me!

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