Our First Year In The Country

I can’t believe it’s only been a year since we moved from our flat in Aberdeen to our forever home in rural Angus! It feels like home and that we’ve been here forever, although it didn’t always feel that way.

After the excitement of selling one place, buying another, packing and unpacking, Allan had to return to work and it was just me and 7 month old Sorsha, and I felt very alone. I was in a strange place with no friends or family, and started to feel quite down about this house which was meant to be our dream home.

As I was on maternity leave we didn’t have much money to do things and, to be honest, I didn’t really want to go out and about and was quite scared to. I had no idea what to do or where to go and getting our internet hooked up was a major hassle so I couldn’t just Google things.

But slowly things started to fall into place. I met another mum at the local baby clinic and luckily she’s the chatty type and we discovered we live closeby and our kids are about the same age. She’s introduced me to loads of clubs and classes and other people too.

The library was also a great help. I used their free internet find out more about my local area, where everything was and when everything happened. It was also my sanctuary when the local area flooded and I needed to find alternative routes home.

So now we know our way around and lots of people and are getting more involved in the community! The girls go to the local playgroups, I’ve joined the SWRI and we’re getting married in the village hall!

Since moving in we’ve done very little to the decoration apart from paint the bathroom. If anything the cats and kids have done more damage than we’ve improved! While we’re saving for the wedding and the house is livable it’ll remain on the back-burner. Allan however has been busy in the garden! He took great pleasure in knocking down the rotting shed, building walls and gates, and clearing out the poor abandoned garden so that the girls can play safely.

We’ve also had some good news on the job front and have been transferred closer to home with a job share when I start back after my maternity leave. That means that Allan and I will split the role between us so there’s no need for childcare and I’ll be able to return to work and keep my company benefits too!

I’m so glad we’ve all settled in and are enjoying our new life in the country. Although it was a bit scary to start with and we miss having friends and family so close, it’s a small price to pay for the space, peace, and privacy!

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