My First Pre-loved Kilo Sale Haul

At the weekend I went to my first vintage weight and pay sale armed with £50 and low expectations.

To be honest I had no idea what to expect, but I thought it’d be full of stuff that wasn’t good enough or interesting enough to be sold anywhere else. I mean, £15 a kilo is cheap!

Turns out that wasn’t the case! Don’t get me wrong, you have to search through a lot of stuff to find your treasure but my arm was aching with the weight of all the dresses I had grabbed!

This sale was run by Preloved Kilo, who tour the UK with these pop-up sales. It costs £1.50 to attend unless you’ve bagged an early bird deal. You’re given a big plastic bag to fill with your purchases then you take them to a payment area where they weigh your bag and charge you accordingly. Pretty simple, eh?

I basically grabbed everything that I fancied and then filtered through my pile to remove anything that wasn’t the right size or that wouldn’t suit me and I ended up with 12 dresses for £49.50!

There aren’t any changing rooms there so I was amazed when I tried them on at home and loved every single one! What the hell?! Here’s a bit more detail:

A few need repairs and alterations, and there are one or two marks that’ll hopefully come out in the wash with some stain remover but I’m so chuffed!

Have you been to a kilo sale? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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