Wedding On A Budget: 12 Months To Go

It’s now less than a year until we get married (eep!) and it’s starting to feel REALLY real!

Before I took a bit of a summer holiday from blogging, I wrote an update on our wedding planning but a few things have changed so I’ll start there!

Wedding Insurance

In the last post I said that we hadn’t bothered with wedding insurance, but as we started to pay for more expensive things like the photographer and catering we began to get a little antsy and had a look into it.  As recommended on a Facebook wedding page we went with Debenhams and it only cost £60 to cover the whole shebang so we went for it. We also got £7.50 cashback through Quidco and a £10 gift voucher for Debenhams along with some peace of mind, so that was pretty good!


As mentioned above I have booked a photographer! It is really hard to pick one, especially if you are on a budget! There are some amazing photographers out there but their skills come at a price and unfortunately we don’t have the budget for them! So we’ve picked a company which we feel can capture our day really well in a fresh, documentary-style which is exactly what we want, and they’re quite new so they were very reasonably priced. They’re also dabbling with audio and some other extras which turned our heads, and they’re happy for us to share the images on social media which is a big thing for a blogger!


We’ve also booked our caterer which is another big part of the budget, although we’ve gone for a non-traditional option instead of a 3 or 4-course sit-down meal. This took a lot of research as it turns out that there aren’t that many catering companies in my area and those outwith had to add costs for transport and travel which took them over what we could afford. What we did do was look at local food festivals and which food businesses would be there so we could go along and try out a few, see if we liked them, and message for prices.

Wedding Diary

As an obsessive writer-down-of-things I’ve also bought a wedding diary to keep a note of important dates like when things have to be paid, when appointments are, and when I expect to hear back from people. Randomly things pop into my head so I make sure I note them down!

Save The Date

Talking of stationery, 12 months before your wedding is the recommended time to send out those Save The Date cards. We thought long and hard about this one and decided to set up a secret Facebook wedding page for our attendees and posted it there, making sure we sent card versions out to those guests who don’t have an account. Out of all our guests only four people/couples/families had no access and the response has been great!

Having this page will also allow us to keep our guests constantly updated with any news, changes, or information, and allow us to ask them about their favourite party tunes and whether they need transport etc.

Wedding Dress Shopping

And finally, I went wedding dress shopping. But that’s a post for another day!

As always, if you’ve had or are planning a wedding it’d be great if you could share your progress or money saving ideas with me, I need all the help I can get!

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