Wedding On A Budget: 7 Months To Go!

Now that the festivities are over I’m ready to get back into wedding planning mode! I can’t believe it’s only 7 months away but I’m expecting things to start getting quite busy in the next few months!

Since my last post at 12 months to go (which just shows how time is flying!) here’s what’s new:

Our Wedding Website

We decided quite early on to have a paperless wedding, meaning that we would contact our guests electronically rather than through the post where possible. After researching some of the website builders available we went with Joy because their designs looked fab and they were more suited to our needs.

It was so easy to set up and it’s been so handy for keeping a note of our guests information, itinerary, local hotels, and lots more. Plus there’s an app so all the info that our guests need is in their pocket.

Our Facebook Page

We’ve also been utilising our secret Facebook page to ask for requests for the disco, to get transport organised and get our guests talking before the big day! It’s great for getting quick responses and sharing any information which might be helpful but you might not put it on the full website.

My Outfit

I mentioned last time that I’d been wedding dress shopping and have since said “yes” to the dress! There’s no way that I could justify spending thousands of pounds on a gown so I headed to a local bridal boutique which sells sample gowns and found one that I love for a few hundred pounds! The dress is in perfect condition and currently doesn’t need alterations although any pre-wedding loss/gain may change that!

I also managed to pick up some gorgeous shoes in the January sales which are elegant but so comfortable although they’ll probably be kicked off after that first dance anyway!

Wedding Decorations

We had a meeting with our decor supplier recently to get some ideas. There are so many different ideas and trends are changing all the time so it’s great that she’s flexible and we can chop and change things in the next few months if they’re available. Not only did we win a fab deal with her through a Facebook competition, we won another competition too! We won hire of big illuminated “LOVE” letters which was something we’d wanted but we’d decided was over budget! So, along with other bits we’ve bought, the hall should look amazing!

So that’s where we are now! The next things we plan to do are to catchup with our suppliers, Allan needs to try on some kilts and we need to book transport. Am I missing anything?

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