Wedding On A Budget: 5 Months To Go!

Only 5 months to go until our big day! I was so excited to hit that 6 months to go milestone and I kind of thought that it would bring on a flurry of activity but we’re just too darn organised!

According to our guide list we should be:

    – Ordering or making invitations
    – Ordering our wedding cake
    – Buying shoes and accessories
    – Booking hair and makeup
    – Buying bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses
    – Booking our honeymoon suite

    Because we’re on a budget, and don’t think the majority of people tend to keep them, we decided quite early on that we wouldn’t have physical invites for the majority of our guests. Our wedding website Joy has the function to send customisable e-invites with guests rsvps also being digital. We have designed some printable invites to send to those guests who aren’t online which is only about 4 families!

    Our wedding cakes (yes, plural) have still to be ordered but we’re on it, we just need to decide which flavours we want! We’ve put a poll on our private Facebook page so everyone can have their say!

    We bought our bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses ages ago in the sales, and I bought my shoes last month in the sale too. Hair and makeup were booked around that same time. When you’re on a budget timing is everything and you’ve got to grab those bargains while you can!

    We won’t be staying in a honeymoon suite because we live really close so we’re just heading home (my parents have agreed to take the girls) and I quite like the idea of waking up to married life in our own home!

    One big thing that did happen this month is that I lost a stone from my engagement ring (that one in the photo above). It was only ever meant to be a temporary one but I loved it because I remember us being newly engaged and picking it out together in Tenerife. Anyway, it was going to cost more to fix than it was worth so we headed to Goldsmiths again (where we got our wedding rings for free!) armed with more Tesco Clubcard vouchers which we’ve been collecting for two years and bought something similar but of much better quality with a substantial saving!

    Otherwise we’ve been busy catching up with suppliers, speaking to guests to check if they need help booking accommodation and trying to organise transport. Allan’s also picked out his outfit and I have no idea what it looks like! Sorsha went along to help but I wanted to keep it as a surprise, I can’t wait to see how handsome he looks!

    I think the 3 month mark will be a biggie and that’s when it’ll get really real! Did anyone else feel less busy that they thought they would? Am I just too casual about it all?!

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