Our Honeymoon: Singapore Day 3

Our first trip of the day was to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. This was a little more complicated to get too as there was a bit of a walk from the train which went through the National University Of Singapore. Our daughters (and Allan!) are dinosaur geeks so it was worth it!

They have a dinosaur zone, which is home to three almost complete diplodocus fossils, as well as a sperm whale, leatherback turtle, Japanese spider crab, elephant skull and so many other fossils and skeletons. There’s also a really nice garden outside.

It was a nice quiet museum with so much to see and definitely worth the £12 entry fee.

Inspired by our trip the previous night, we also decided to visit Singapore Zoo. The zoo is large with lots of animals to see (as you’d expect!) and it’s a great day out.

Entry was around £22 for an adult but you could get a deal if you were visiting some of the other wildlife centres on site.

Some parts of the zoo are indoors such as the aviary, which was a great chance to see butterflies along with some smaller, less carnivorous animals on the loose!

This little mouse deer was one of our favourites, as well as the leopard, white tigers, elephants, in fact, there’s too many to mention!

There are a couple of shows too, including the elephant presentation and splash safari with sea lions.

We got kicked out at closing time and after a quick change we headed out for tea. Just around the corner from our hotel was Marché Mövenpick a great place for steak, stone baked pizza and cocktails.

We decided to try some of the local bars near our hotel. Chjimes is a former convent and its historic buildings have been beautifully restored and turned into hub for cafes, restaurants and bars. The courtyard and grounds are perfect for relaxing in and enjoying the chilled atmosphere.

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