Our Honeymoon: Singapore Day 4

On our last day in Singapore, we saved the best til last. I was really disappointed to learn that Raffles Hotel was closed for renovations during our stay, but all was not lost.

The Long Bar was open, which meant we could enjoy a Singapore Sling in the place it was invented 100 years before. It’s no surprise that it was one of the best cocktails I have ever tasted but, at around £16 each, we couldn’t have too many!

We bought a lot of gifts for family in the shop at Raffles as they had a really good range of nice branded products.

Next up was our second pre-booked trip in Singapore, a visit to the River Safari and Giant Panda Forest.

Just like the Night Safari and Singapore Zoo, the River Safari was a really great experience. Our visit included a lovely boat ride around a reservoir where we saw zero animals, and an Amazon Riverquest, which was quite a relaxing ride around the park apart from the odd splash! There was also a great show featuring this handsome capybara.

Again there were so many amazing animals to see but the giant pandas, red pandas, manatees, and the Indian gharials were our favourites. I feel that in both the River Safari and Singapore Zoo, it was laid out well so you really got a good look at the animals without being too intrusive.

In the evening, we chose to eat out in the food court at the local mall, Raffles City. The shopping centre was attached to our hotel and the train station, with lots of choice in shops and restaurants, but we headed to The Food Place, which is on level 3, to try out some more authentic local cuisine. It doesn’t look like much but the food is good! There a wide range of outlets selling different dishes and it’s also much more affordable with good sized portions.

With a full stomach we headed back to the hotel to prepare for the second part of our honeymoon, Bali.

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