Our Honeymoon: Bali Part 1

We were very fortunate to have a two stop honeymoon, so after visiting Singapore, our next stop was Bali. I’m not sure if we could have chosen two more contrasting destinations!

This part of the honeymoon was the most humbling trip I have ever been on. The people are the nicest I have ever met, so full of information and stories and they really took the time to connect with you. Yes, the poverty in Bali is quite clear to see and we were paying, but we felt safe, looked after, and we gained so much from our visit.

Instantly on leaving the airport it felt like an adventure. The sights and sounds were vastly different and the journey to our hotel was an eye-opener. The traffic was crazy! There were so many vehicles, especially mopeds, and they are everywhere. Who knows if there’s a proper lane structure, everyone was weaving through the thick traffic like a pro.

The contrast between the streets we’d driven through and our hotel was stark. On arrival at the immaculate Semaya Seminyak we were greeted with frangipani leis and drinks and told to relax while they transported our cases to our room. The hotel manager even came to welcome us, which is something you very rarely see anywhere!

When we were ready, a golf buggy took us to our private courtyard villa and one of the super polite and friendly team showed us around. It was like a dream, the villa was pure luxury and unlike anywhere I’d stayed before. The outdoor area was fully enclosed with a private pool and a big, chunky wooden gazebo covered the lounge area.

Inside, the villa was airy and cool and beautfully designed. There were complimentary hats, pashminas and a bag on bed, fresh flowers and a honeymoon cake in the room, and a bath had been filled and topped with more frangipani. There was a fruit bowl and a well stocked complimentary mini bar which were filled daily too. Anything you wanted could be brought to you, including room service, and a free afternoon tea was brought to the gazebo daily if requested.

We took it easy for the rest of the first day as we were there to relax, so we read by the pool, enjoying our afternoon tea. It was warm but not sunny, perfect for lounging around!

In the evening we headed to the hotel’s beachfront restaurant, Breezes. The food was delicious and they have a great selection, with plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. What a view!

The next day was a very relaxed one. We went for our complimentary couples massage in the hotel’s spa which overlooked the beach. It was a full head-to-toe treatment and the perfect start to our relaxing holiday.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing by our pool before our evening meal at the beachfront. We went a bit later this time so it was dark and we got to see a firework show from another hotel further along the beach.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to prepare for our first pre-booked trip the next day, but got more than we bargained for…

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