The Flower Field, Laurencekirk

Around this part of Scotland you’ll often see “Pick Your Own” signs, and usually they relate to strawberries, raspberries and other soft fruit. But we recently went to visit a new kind of PYO, a beautiful flower field just off the A96 at Laurencekirk.

When you drive passed you can’t help but see the massive sign at the side of the road, followed by flashes of colour. We’ve always been too short of time to pop in, but we made a special journey to bring some of that colour home.

The Flower Field has everything you need, just bring yourself and maybe a pair of wellies to guard you from the thistles! We read the simple instructions (pick flowers, pay cash into the honesty box or by PayPal) and headed off with secateurs in hand to pick our flowers.

There are sunflowers, dahlias and gladioli (subject to seasonality) and the prices per stem ranged from 40p-£1 depending on the type of flower, so you can easily get a nice bunch of big, fresh flowers for a reasonable price.

The girls loved running along the rows, choosing their favourites, and here are some not-so-great pictures of what we took home!

7 responses to “The Flower Field, Laurencekirk”

  1. Oh wow! I didn't know flower fields like this existed. What gorgeous flowers they are! A fantastic way to add some colour to your home x


  2. Beautiful pictures! We have pick your own flowers around me too, but I've never thought to check it out. What a great idea to do with kids.


  3. Oh these are beautiful, and I love the idea of a pick your own flower field! I have a feeling it would cost me a fortune though, I think I'd get really carried away! x


  4. It's such a nice way to get flowers and nice to be able to pick your favourites! x


  5. The girls loved it! It's something different to do, especially on a nice day! x


  6. It would be very easy to come home with a massive bunch! x


  7. I had no idea something like this existed, knew about the PYO fruit but never seen one for flowers before. I will need to keep an eye out on this in the future when I am up that way x


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