10 Things I Hate About Autumn

While everyone’s getting excited about pumpkin spiced lattes and crunchy orange and brown leaves, here are ten things I hate about this time of year.

The Weather

Like a switch, the warm, sunny weather goes off and the cold, windy, rainy weather begins.

The Low Sun

Because that’s what I need when I’m driving, blinding sunlight aiming directly for my eyes.

The Darkness

It’s dark when you go to work, and it’s dark when you come home.

The Fashion

Summer clothes out, winter wardrobe in. Why is it not acceptable to wear head-to-toe fleece 24/7? We’re supposed to layer our clothes, and I would love to look sleek in a polo neck, cashmere sweater and jacket combo, but I look like a big fuzzy potato in every jumper I try on.

The Cold

I don’t want to get out of bed, it’s too cold. I don’t want to get out of the shower, it’s too cold. I don’t want to leave home it’s too cold etc. And it’s not a fresh, crisp, winter kind of cold, it’s a damp, frozen-to-my-core kind of cold.

The Disease

Colds a’plenty, one after the other, passing back and forth and back and forth until spring.

The Leaves

After all those beautiful, crunchy, autumnal leaves rot they become a slidey, mushy mess and you have no idea what you’re stepping in.

The Dry Skin

Glowing, tanned summer skin is replaced by the dry, scaly skin of a dead fish. No amount of exfoliating and moisturising seems to help, and makeup somehow makes it all look worse.

The Bad Hair

The wild winds knot your hair, even if you tie it up. And then there’s the hat hair, usually created first thing, immediately after you’ve washed and styled it, setting you up for the day.

The Mood

Prepare to feel constantly tired and glum from the lack of daylight and motivation.

What do you hate about Autumn?

3 responses to “10 Things I Hate About Autumn”

  1. Urgh the dry skin !!! whole family are stealing my moisturiser currently!!


  2. As much as I love Autumn am not so keen for these reasons. I don't mind the cold weather, it's the rain and the damp days which I can't stand x


  3. I love autumn but like anything there are things I dislike to and you've nailed it. #blogtober


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