Life On Lockdown

For the last 8 weeks, like pretty much everyone else in the UK, we’ve been doing our bit to prevent the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus/The Corona/The Rona/whatever you want to call it.

Allan is an essential worker, I am not, so I’ve been at home with the girls pretty much 24/7 which I actually don’t mind (most of the time!). We are extremely lucky because we live in the countryside, I work part-time, we are homebodies that don’t venture out much anyway, and the girls were only at nursery for 3 hours in the morning anyway, so life hasn’t changed too much for us.

In the beginning I took advantage of the extra time at home and did some cooking and baking, cleared out some cupboards and rearranged some furniture. Then came the sunny weather and it seemed we were being rewarded for our good behaviour.

Allan had a couple of weeks holiday so we all spent our days in the garden. We built a seating nook out of spare wood and the girls and I took care of the garden. We planted geraniums, lavender and sunflowers, and added peas and lettuce beside our strawberries as if we were living The Good Life and could become self-sufficient on those things alone!

I have also read a lot more than usual. My favourites have been The Family Upstairs, The Girl Who Speaks Bear, and I’m currently reading Happy by Fearne Cotton which is keeping my mental health in check along with our pretty much daily exercise.

Sorsha celebrated her 5th birthday last week. She understood that we couldn’t have a party with family and friends, but she loved that we made more of a fuss of her as a result. She walked through glitter curtains into a living room full of dinosaur themed decorations. We had arranged a couple of video chat sessions so that family could watch her opening her gifts. We also made the mother of all cakes, a homemade, four-layered volcano made from chocolate cake, filled with sweets, covered in chocolate ganache and icing made to look like lava. Allan and I were very proud of our efforts!

This week it feels like there’s a shift, like it won’t be long until I’m back to work, so I’m making use of the time (and the changeable weather!) and I’ve been working on my blog and all that goes with it. I feel like I’ve finally decided what I want it to be, after around 10 years and many changes in focus, levels of effort and stages of life!

I miss my family and friends, the company of my work colleagues, the glens and the beaches. I miss takeaways. I’m now getting a bit sick of constantly cooking and thinking up ideas of things to cook. I miss child-free time, although I love those little angels dearly and they have been a constant source of amusement, they have also fought, argued and screamed a reasonable amount too! But all of this has been worth it, and we’ll keep going for another 8 weeks if it helps us all to stay safe.

Credit: Photo by Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

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