Seven Kinds Of Biscuit

Sju Sorters Kakor (Seven Kinds Of Biscuit) is a Swedish household staple. After World War II, Swedes celebrated the end of rationing by making cakes, breads and biscuits and, after submitting 8,000 recipes in total to a contest, 300 made it into the first edition of this cookbook in 1945.

Since then there have been over 80 versions printed, including the English version Swedish Cakes And Cookies. Despite some updates over the last 75 years, it still contains classic tried-and-tested recipes and continues to be a bestseller.

The story behind the title dates back to the 1800s, when Swedes could once again enjoy their favourite drink of coffee after a period of prohibition. Coffee parties (kafferep) soon became popular, and the ladies of Sweden would showcase their baking skills.

It was decided that seven biscuits is the optimum number to serve to appear generous but not too showy. In true Swedish style – not to little, not to many, just enough (lagom).

I think one or two would be enough to begin with, but where to start?! Hopefully I’ll be sharing some delicious baking on Instagram soon!

2 responses to “Seven Kinds Of Biscuit”

  1. They sound very nice!


  2. madelinelittlejohns Avatar

    I love that idea of 7 being the perfect number of types of biscuits to serve! And love the history of this book too, it’s not one I’d heard of before. x


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