Axe hurling hits the target in Dundee

A new axe hurling facility has opened in Dundee.

Unsure what to do for our third wedding anniversary I hit the bullseye when I noticed an offer for axe hurling. Knowing that my husband would love it (and I would too) I booked us in and kept it as a surprise.

We arrived 5 minutes beforehand, wearing comfy, non-open toed shoes as instructed. Kevin was our instructor for the next hour and a half and, after filling in our waiver, we teamed up with another group to begin.

After a quick health and safety chat, we were shown a couple of different techniques that we could used and tried them out for ourselves with plenty of time to practice before the games began.

First up, double axe throwing. Let me tell you that axe hurling is tricky, but throwing two felt almost easier than one. Maybe it was balance, maybe it was some primal urge. Just know that although this felt really badass, no one actually managed to get both on target.

Next up, in and out. The aim was to hit all three circles in order going inwards, and then again in reverse, so outer ring, middle ring, bullseye, middle and outer. Allan and I were competing against each other and he won this round.

I started to get into my stride halfway through humans versus zombies. In this game we battled to see who would win by giving and taking points from each other based on where our axes landed. We took turns to be the human and the zombie and won a game each.

In the final game we had 25 throws to get the highest score and a chance to be on the leaderboard. With scores half of what we needed you won’t see our names up there, but by this point it was all getting very competitive and Allan took the top spot by just a few points.

I would absolutely recommend this for anyone, and not just as a day out. You can also go along in the evening, taking a few drinks along and throw axes before a night out or to de-stress after a hard week at work. They host hen and stag parties, work and friends nights out, as well as sensible parents with a child-free afternoon like us.

Even if axe hurling isn’t your thing you could try their escape room in Dundee, or head to Glasgow if you want to do either of these nearer there. In Glasgow they also have a rage room, where you get to smash stuff up, or try Firestrike, described as a sort of Call Of Duty game, shooting targets against the clock.

After such a stressful year and a half, what better way to let off some steam and get together with friends than these unique activities.

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