House Of Dun Reimagined

Receiving a collection from Angus Folk Museum and a large donation has given House Of Dun the opportunity to bring new life to the historic site.

I was recently invited to House Of Dun, a place which I had only been once before and that was just a walk in the grounds. It was a beautiful evening and the entrance and buildings looked immaculate.

We were greeted at the gates and it was explained to us that the collection they had received from the Angus Folk Museum, which closed in 2017, along with a sizeable donation has allowed them the update their offering to visitors.

It took time to decide how the money would be best spent and there are further decisions to be made and rooms still be repurposed or renovated, but the collection itself will be displayed in the rooms around the courtyard and changed regularly.

The garden and estate are free to visit as are the shop and cafe, but visits to the house are currently bookable tours which incur and entry charge.

The main draw for me is the tour. Gone are self-guided tours reading endless information points you find in a lot of historic buildings, House Of Dun has three costume guides representing different characters you would have met back in the Victorian era. The new, more immersive experience, includes sights, sounds and even smells, such as bread in the kitchen. Guided by the House Overseer, the Cook and Lady of the House Violet Jacob, the tour is not only informative, but it’s fascinating!

From the original needlework completed by past residents, to the hand-pumped shower and slipper bath, there is so much information packed into this tour. The real jaw-dropper is the Saloon, a room with outstanding plasterwork which leads out through open doors to a scenic view of the Montrose Basin.

I was amazed by my visit and will definitely return with Allan and the girls. Although our daughters are still young, I’m sure they would love to visit and they will definitely appreciate the beauty of the house and gardens, as well as Violet’s dress!

Having a site that has something for everyone, is aimed at all ages and is an immersive experience is key to attracting an audience and the team at House Of Dun are leading the way.

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