About us

I’m Karen, matriarch of the Constable clan, and I love our family-orientated, cosy little country life in the North-East of Scotland.

Along with my husband Allan and our two little girls we love spending our free time exploring Scotland and further afield. Sometimes, thanks to Granny and Granda, we get to go on child-free adventures too!

I work for a fantastic local small batch gin company, and run two blogger groups on Facebook, Aberdeen Bloggers, Vloggers & Influencers and Tayside Bloggers, Vloggers & Influencers

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel free to get in touch!

Disclaimers & Stuff:

Everything on this blog is mine (unless otherwise stated) and cannot be used without permission.

I am a PR friendly blog, which means from time to time I may review or mention products, services or companies which I feel are a good fit. Any posts like this will be clearly marked and all opinions will be my own and honest. I’m no good at lying, ask anyone that knows me!

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